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by Patient Zero



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released November 15, 2016




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Track Name: Metal Sister
some days are hollow, and some are just black,
once you've felt the cut, there's no going back.
I feel the pain when I feel at all,
I'll pay the price, and I'll take the fall.

there's still a riot if there's blood in my veins.
there's too much meat in my metal today.
I got two eyes, I got one that can see.
there's too much you, and not enough me.

metal sister,
you can't change my mind,
metal sister,
metal sister.

metal sister,
fit to bleed me dry,
metal sister,
metal sister.

I'm not your boy, but I'm sure not your girl,
good in a dress, but bad for the world.
remix my symphony, cut out every part of me,
maybe I'm the victim, I am the fly.
Track Name: Anna Kissed Me
give me a lovers lips,
political twist,
we're turning another trick,
anna kissed, anna kissed me.

anna loves me,
anna holds me tight,
anna kisses away my night.

anna revels,
anna reveals,
anna gives every kiss she steals.

another rebel desire,
anna set my heart on fire.

anna loves you,
anna loves me,
anna saves you,
anna kissed me.

hey now anna kissed.
hey now anna kissed.
hey now anna kissed.
hey now anna kissed.

we're the destitute and lost,
freedom grasped at any costs,
we're burning your money,
your money, your lies.

two lips, shining black,
annas teeth holding back,
a riot in the sheets,
riot cops on the streets.

kettle boils, we get scolded,
don't it soothe you does it please you,
kiss away these wounds,
doctor, doctor, anesthesia.

there's a gun over the masses,
propaganda in the classes,
the bourgeoisie scare the hell out of me.
Track Name: Chemical Monk
I got self-destruction overriding,
a revolution we're deciding,
two left feet and no heartbeat,
I'm a rebel in the mix and a devil in the sheets.
break my back to make you see,
overstayed philosophy,
gonna change the world with a junkies needle,
scratch scratch scratch and make you feel.

chemical monk,
I'm the new punk,
drink it deeper,
little sister.

turbo charged I want to play,
with all the pretty toys they take away.
I'm a necrotising skin disease,
I'm a social pig for them to bleed.
I'm here to today but not tomorrow,
a bitter pill for you to swallow.
I'm in a love with a new sensation,
no future left but annihilation.

make it louder, make me prouder,
make me miss those lines of powder.
make it hard but make it right,
light that rebels dynamite.

hit me hard, and kiss me sweetly,
every time after you beat me.
no martyr, I'm just a fool,
all your kids think I'm so cool.

another punk with a tongue made of fire,
another poet with perverted desires,
I'm a little twisted, a little bit drunk,
I'm wrapped up in leather, and I came here to...
Track Name: No More Victims
here comes that noise, from the void, to make you paranoid.
The transmission on the screen another man in a tie.
sell your mind and you blood, sell your body to the mud,
you can be the king of the corpses, I bet it feels good.

a set of lies to shut your eyes, to help you reach their compromise,
these politicians always try to beat you down.
come with me to the town, we'll paint it black and red,
the flies avert their eyes as we bury our dead.

no more victims, no more lies,
no more victims, no more compromise.

Hey anarchist, squeeze your fist, I bet you're getting this.
they've got less bullets in their guns than they've got names on their list.
when violence meets peace, only violence will survive,
but we make a pretty picture for the news they televise.
they're thieves and they're butchers, and they never clean their tools.
Pacifism is a virtue, but virtue's gonna lose.
If they want to make you die, then they better tell you why,
and if their deeds come to light, even their mothers wouldn't cry.
Track Name: Max Amp
crack a lung, make a little white noise,
max amp, get your ears destroyed,
ride the bass, show no disgrace,
microphone gotta get them annoyed.
no prophets, no courts,
pull the cable and the line distorts,
hear the hiss, feel the white noise,
too many black flags too many white boys.

Max amp on the stereo,
run the riot or watch the show,
hide behind your constitution,
we need a revolution.

power to the signal, the people retort,
propaganda, the truth of a sort,
no balance, no checks, and no respect
another capitalist, what did you expect?

board up the capital with hammer and nails,
democracy in action as the politics fail,
we'll get a new voice, sooner than later,
a new el presidente, another dictator.

strike the drum, we can make the choice,
heartbeats a political toy,
we call the shots if they like it or not,
we'll eat the rich if the grill gets hot.

tear it down, we gotta smash it, smash it,
corporate control, gotta trash it, trash it.
money in the bank, ink on paper,
the man with the gun gets to pay for it later.
Track Name: Black Ice Breaker
got that neural shock, network wipe,
body bag, black and white.
dump it, flash it, start again.
RAM it, crack it, tag your name.

you're that signal in the wire,
set my data line on fire.
yank the cable, dump the net,
do you forgive? do you forget?

your name splashed on the newsstand,
your ego cracked and expanded.
your name is nothing but a lie,
don't care about respect, your authority's denied.

automatic, anti-technocrat,
anarchist rebel, how 'bout that?

black ice. black ice. black ice. black ice breaker.
Track Name: Bloody Techno
bloody techno
techno philosophy
bloody techno
techno anarchy

stand by for transmission,
the bass, you love it, you can't get enough of that drug,
you love it, you can't get enough of that lie,
you love it, you can't get enough of that.
too much, too much, you've taken too much and you're all out of luck.
you're all out of luck with that-
Track Name: Hardline
Scum junk, rob the scene,
beauty stolen from another machine.
Virus for your headspace,
son of a glitch, terminal race.

Nice to meet you, time to go,
I wish you'd stay, but I'm lying you know.
Don't know your name, and I don't care.
I'm in my cyberspace, I'll meet you there.

Rock it like a punk, in leather and chains,
technodrunk, I'm the mainframe.
Hardline, get out of my interface.
Hardline, get out of my interface.

You're a smudge on my looking glass,
your head wasn't built to last.
Hardline, get out of my interface.

Scum junk, rob the scene,
beauty stolen from another machine.
Virus for your headspace,
son of a glitch, terminal race.
Track Name: Kissing Devils
god damn, you're beautiful,
sing louder, you make me itch,
can't help but stare, you're an eromancer,
the way you move, you're making me twitch.

you wear a smile like a bulletproof vest,
I fell in love with the scars on your skin,
I want to know, I've got to confess,
let's get down and dirty, we came here to sin.

(kiss me) kiss me deeper,
(devil) devils daughter,
(kiss me) kiss me deeper,
(devil) devils son.

swing low little dancer
swing low you've gotta hit the deck
high enough to catch a cloud yeah
don't get strung out you're such a beautiful wreck

some people say they love you
and some people are just liars
the way they push you and they shove you
you get down and dirty no time to reflect
Track Name: Riding on the Bassline
body, to body, to body, to lust,
shining under black lights, we ruin the club.
harder, and harder, and harder, we touch,
riding on the bassline, riding on the bassline.

please don't be gentle,
we're all shooting stars,
in motels by the hours,
in back seats of cars.

give me a needle,
I'll give you a fix,
turn up the bass,
and I'll show you some tricks.

are you ashamed of the skin that you're wearing?
are you afraid to be next to me?
I'll help you relax, yeah I'll get you trembling,
riding on the bassline, riding on the bassline.
Track Name: Run The Riot
Hills are silent as we drive by,
no vinyl for the needle and we know why,
we run the riot.
we run the riot.

Scratch another record, the martyr dies,
we polute the air with angry cries,
we run the riot.
we run the riot.

Shake it if you got it,
mommies little monster,
we came to run the riot,
it's a beautiful threat.

Lord knows, I'm the devil now,
I've got to save myself somehow,
we run the riot.
we run the riot.

Fascist blood will paint the street,
you'll never see a thing so sweet,
we run the riot.
we run the riot.
Track Name: Decide Alone
do you decide?
are you alone?
the places that you'll go,
the places that you'll go.

do you decide alone?
do you decide alone?
we'll never be alone my friend,
we'll never be alone my friend.

you're just a noise,
I know it's not right,
I can't trust these lies.
I can't trust these lies.

you can't divide me now,
I'm my own worst enemy,
I lie like I live,
shaking and scared.
maybe I'm dying, I'm dying again.
and when I get too drunk, I cry when I don't feel my pain.
Track Name: Starlight Lover
let the lights go out,
costumes on the floor,
we're starlight lovers,
these emotions are raw.

no boy or girl, no code in the world,
by my machinery I swear on my word.
no looking back, you're my heart attack,
you make it beat faster, circadian rhythm.

skin on skin, and madness to madness,
broken by design, we self-repair by practice.
You fill my syncope, face to face you lock with me,
you're clinging to this rock with me, spinning round the sun.

Pretty little thing,
I hope you know, hope you know it.
I fell in love with you,
I just hope that I show it.

imagine all the things that we've yet to discover,
I wanna spend the night with my starlight lover.

Pretty little thing,
I hope you know, hope you know it.
I'm so in love with you,
I don't know how to show it.

imagine all the things that we've yet to discover,
wanna spend every night with my starlight lover.

if all I am to you,
is a body to touch,
that's still enough for me,
but you give me so much.

I once was a liar,
thought that I couldn't care,
but you broke my walls,
with that starlight stare.
Track Name: Bodywork
strapped for cash, or strapped to the bed,
you're no more Romeo than I am Juliet.

We gotta work it harder.
work, work it harder.
get your bodywork hammered,
get paid in cash.

We got to live, we've got to exist,
gotta pay the cover charge, to the capitalist.
We got a right wing party, they tell you what to choose,
if your labor is your body, they criminalize you.
Track Name: Paranoia
do you follow me?
I know what they say,
we've got that itch,
it never goes away.

the line, the line, the line, the line starts to spark.
again, again, a terminal mark,
the line, the line, the line starts to spark,
again, again, we're going dark.

paranoia (feeding your)

why do I see,
what I don't know?
I can hear a ghost,
on my radio.

it's a dead mans words,
that I can taste,
I'm a gargoyle,
on a database.
Track Name: Poison Inside
wrapped up skull in bare aluminum,
scratch the drive with the data inside.
you're the punk and I'm the hooligan,
rip it all down and burn it alive.

we're two souls baby, I'm the fool again,
tell me I could never survive.
drink it deeper, burn your lungs again,
my own mind is poison inside.

tell me I could be someone, maybe,
tell me I could be there by your side.
tell me how you could care for me baby,
but your words are poison inside.

we crash like legacy,
I'll do bad things to you,
you're poison in the apple,
pretty little girls fall asleep for you.

no system compromised,
manipulate your mind,
you'll tell me what I want to hear,
and keep the rest inside.

I hate you more than I can say,
but I still always let you stay,
so you keep getting in my way,
you keep me pacified.

seems that there's nothing I can do,
the pills and drugs to silence you,
they always leave me black blue,
you're poison inside.

you're the icon, of my distraction,
you're the reason, I can't sleep.
I'm a soldier, dead in the war zone,
bleeding in my boots, biting my piece.

you're the sulfur, you're the poison,
you're the symptom of my disease.
you're the answer, you're the problem,
you're a wound that will always bleed.
Track Name: Lazarus scars
Skin on the wire, lightning on the streets, boots in the courts, has shamayim forgotten me?

Walk with a purpose. (Skin on the wire)
Eternal temple. (Lightning on the streets)
I recall my people. (Boots in the courts)
Resurrect my soul. (has shamayim forgotten me?)

My resurrection defined, a rebirth of the soul, I've got Solomon's eyes, playing Lazarus.
(Scarred by Zyklon B)

My blood flows through the ages. (Skin on the wire)
Persecute my kind. (Lightning on the streets)
Through documented pages. (Boots in the courts)
My golem and my mind. (Has shamayim forgotten me?)

Your faith is not required. (No more red laces)
Your king is in my veins. (I pray you go in peace)
Zyklon B touched our history. (No more red laces)
Maybe shamayim forgot my name. (I hear the fascist beat)
(Scarred by Zyklon B)