Anna Kissed Me

from by Patient Zero



give me a lovers lips,
political twist,
we're turning another trick,
anna kissed, anna kissed me.

anna loves me,
anna holds me tight,
anna kisses away my night.

anna revels,
anna reveals,
anna gives every kiss she steals.

another rebel desire,
anna set my heart on fire.

anna loves you,
anna loves me,
anna saves you,
anna kissed me.

hey now anna kissed.
hey now anna kissed.
hey now anna kissed.
hey now anna kissed.

we're the destitute and lost,
freedom grasped at any costs,
we're burning your money,
your money, your lies.

two lips, shining black,
annas teeth holding back,
a riot in the sheets,
riot cops on the streets.

kettle boils, we get scolded,
don't it soothe you does it please you,
kiss away these wounds,
doctor, doctor, anesthesia.

there's a gun over the masses,
propaganda in the classes,
the bourgeoisie scare the hell out of me.


from Host System, released November 15, 2016




Patient Zero UK

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