Chemical Monk

from by Patient Zero



I got self-destruction overriding,
a revolution we're deciding,
two left feet and no heartbeat,
I'm a rebel in the mix and a devil in the sheets.
break my back to make you see,
overstayed philosophy,
gonna change the world with a junkies needle,
scratch scratch scratch and make you feel.

chemical monk,
I'm the new punk,
drink it deeper,
little sister.

turbo charged I want to play,
with all the pretty toys they take away.
I'm a necrotising skin disease,
I'm a social pig for them to bleed.
I'm here to today but not tomorrow,
a bitter pill for you to swallow.
I'm in a love with a new sensation,
no future left but annihilation.

make it louder, make me prouder,
make me miss those lines of powder.
make it hard but make it right,
light that rebels dynamite.

hit me hard, and kiss me sweetly,
every time after you beat me.
no martyr, I'm just a fool,
all your kids think I'm so cool.

another punk with a tongue made of fire,
another poet with perverted desires,
I'm a little twisted, a little bit drunk,
I'm wrapped up in leather, and I came here to...


from Host System, released November 15, 2016




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