Kissing Devils

from by Patient Zero



god damn, you're beautiful,
sing louder, you make me itch,
can't help but stare, you're an eromancer,
the way you move, you're making me twitch.

you wear a smile like a bulletproof vest,
I fell in love with the scars on your skin,
I want to know, I've got to confess,
let's get down and dirty, we came here to sin.

(kiss me) kiss me deeper,
(devil) devils daughter,
(kiss me) kiss me deeper,
(devil) devils son.

swing low little dancer
swing low you've gotta hit the deck
high enough to catch a cloud yeah
don't get strung out you're such a beautiful wreck

some people say they love you
and some people are just liars
the way they push you and they shove you
you get down and dirty no time to reflect


from Host System, released November 15, 2016




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