Max Amp

from by Patient Zero



crack a lung, make a little white noise,
max amp, get your ears destroyed,
ride the bass, show no disgrace,
microphone gotta get them annoyed.
no prophets, no courts,
pull the cable and the line distorts,
hear the hiss, feel the white noise,
too many black flags too many white boys.

Max amp on the stereo,
run the riot or watch the show,
hide behind your constitution,
we need a revolution.

power to the signal, the people retort,
propaganda, the truth of a sort,
no balance, no checks, and no respect
another capitalist, what did you expect?

board up the capital with hammer and nails,
democracy in action as the politics fail,
we'll get a new voice, sooner than later,
a new el presidente, another dictator.

strike the drum, we can make the choice,
heartbeats a political toy,
we call the shots if they like it or not,
we'll eat the rich if the grill gets hot.

tear it down, we gotta smash it, smash it,
corporate control, gotta trash it, trash it.
money in the bank, ink on paper,
the man with the gun gets to pay for it later.


from Host System, released November 15, 2016




Patient Zero UK

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