No More Victims

from by Patient Zero



here comes that noise, from the void, to make you paranoid.
The transmission on the screen another man in a tie.
sell your mind and you blood, sell your body to the mud,
you can be the king of the corpses, I bet it feels good.

a set of lies to shut your eyes, to help you reach their compromise,
these politicians always try to beat you down.
come with me to the town, we'll paint it black and red,
the flies avert their eyes as we bury our dead.

no more victims, no more lies,
no more victims, no more compromise.

Hey anarchist, squeeze your fist, I bet you're getting this.
they've got less bullets in their guns than they've got names on their list.
when violence meets peace, only violence will survive,
but we make a pretty picture for the news they televise.
they're thieves and they're butchers, and they never clean their tools.
Pacifism is a virtue, but virtue's gonna lose.
If they want to make you die, then they better tell you why,
and if their deeds come to light, even their mothers wouldn't cry.


from Host System, released November 15, 2016




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