Poison Inside

from by Patient Zero



wrapped up skull in bare aluminum,
scratch the drive with the data inside.
you're the punk and I'm the hooligan,
rip it all down and burn it alive.

we're two souls baby, I'm the fool again,
tell me I could never survive.
drink it deeper, burn your lungs again,
my own mind is poison inside.

tell me I could be someone, maybe,
tell me I could be there by your side.
tell me how you could care for me baby,
but your words are poison inside.

we crash like legacy,
I'll do bad things to you,
you're poison in the apple,
pretty little girls fall asleep for you.

no system compromised,
manipulate your mind,
you'll tell me what I want to hear,
and keep the rest inside.

I hate you more than I can say,
but I still always let you stay,
so you keep getting in my way,
you keep me pacified.

seems that there's nothing I can do,
the pills and drugs to silence you,
they always leave me black blue,
you're poison inside.

you're the icon, of my distraction,
you're the reason, I can't sleep.
I'm a soldier, dead in the war zone,
bleeding in my boots, biting my piece.

you're the sulfur, you're the poison,
you're the symptom of my disease.
you're the answer, you're the problem,
you're a wound that will always bleed.


from Host System, released November 15, 2016




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