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released June 21, 2013




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Track Name: Ethanol Dreams
Drink it down, don't be afraid,
one for the road to an early grave.
Fire burn and cauldron bubble,
skip the ice, make it a double.

Find the message in a dirty glass,
it's at the bottom of the barrel,
fills your head with stranger things,
ethanol dreams.

Fill me up with fire,
my funeral pyre,
soaked in alcohol,
to make the flames reach higher.

I regret and I confess,
I love that burning in my chest,
the fog that's falling down,
pretending that I'm happy.

Head on the bar, hand on my drink,
I never thought, I never thought,
that I could get so low down,
lose so much, never dared to dream,
that this could happen to me.

As the story goes,
your heart turns to stone,
and when the nightmares chase you,
you never sleep.

Laying here on the sheets,
cut up like a ghost,
I feel barrel aged,
as the DT's grip me.
Track Name: Wolfman Bites
Never had a friend that I couldn't drink,
never had a dream that I couldn't sell,
never slept it a bed that I've ever made,
wonder what they're gonna write on my grave.

Some people call me a downer,
but I just can't lie, hard living makes a wolfman bite.
Some people howl at the moon,
when it's up so high, I can't take it, the wolfman bites.

You want a pariah, you want a parade,
I want a screwdriver, I want a grenade,
and I want to drink in Tiananmen square,
just to tell nobody that I was there.

Hey Frankenstein,
give me the right brain,
there's a pain in my head,
that I can't explain.

There's no message in the glass,
but I'll look anyway,
spend my lifetime on tab,
hope I won't have to pay.

You say the world is beautiful,
guess I shouldn't complain,
but it's almost enough to make a madman sane.
Track Name: Fading To Grey
Days go by as we all cry,
I am never gonna die,
soon despair, you see your hair,
fading to grey.

The silver screen preserve us all,
ever star has got to fall,
names go by as credits roll,
fading to grey.

Always on your mind, you keep it all inside,
and find a place to hide, you rot a little every day.

History can prove, you're always gonna lose,
there's nothing you can do, youth is gone with yesterday.

I'll be here when you're all gone, 'cause I pulled the trigger on the atom bomb.
a weak defence let us all pray, one last flash now fading to grey.

Mutually assured destruction, is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of high-yield weapons of mass destruction by two opposing sides would effectively result in the complete, utter and irrevocable annihilation of both the attacker and the defender, becoming thus a war that has no victory nor any armistice but only effective reciprocal destruction.

Line us up against the wall, yeah, push the button and watch us fall.
no time to stop no time to think, instantaneous reaction it's all gone in a blink.

A legacy in bleached white bones,
littering the streets, and filling our homes.

All that's left are ghosts today,
changing the channel and fading to grey.
Track Name: Lethal Exposure
You're the arsenic in my coffee tonight,
I put my hands on your hips,
kiss me and hold me tight,
with strychnine on your lips.

Chemical baby,
poison bloom,
courting death for a lethal exposure.

You make me feel so alive,
you're the smoke in my lung,
for all the plans I contrive,
you choke me out with your tongue.

You're like ethylene you know,
sugar sweet and so slow,
like a nicotine high,
here's cyanide in your eye.
Track Name: Break Your Heart
I don't need your heart,
I don't need your soul.
'cause I'll get inside you,
and I'll take control.

I don't need your love,
just another work of art,
'cause I'll get inside you,
and I'll break your heart.

Evil, you call me,
a terror to fear,
though I had your heart for innumerable years.

This is madness it's torture,
an ego to blame,
and I twisted you up,
baby we're both the same.

Does it hurt, does it burn,
to know I'm in control,
of your mind and body,
of your heart and soul?

I'm so sorry you're weak,
but it's really not my fault,
that you're down on your knees with my hand round your throat.
Track Name: Bleed More
In the end I must be brave,
face the sky and find no reason,
though I'm here I never knew,
answers for so many questions.

Live to see, to wonder why,
why won't the world just leave me?
let me lie and rest in piece,
will I survive to be a corpse?

A ticking clock to count the days,
from sunlight into moonlight,
life can find so many ways,
to torture you from your delight.

And though I face the world today,
reality is fleeting,
a taste of malady,
lost the fight to kiss the floor.

Did we light the fire to burn out the sky?
a mass of inconsistency, the search for Deuteronomy.

And now the world is empty, a reason to cry,
but your blood doesn't flow and your tears have run dry.

As chaos breeds chaos, we're giving it more,
maybe we all need to bleed more.

If knowledge is weakness, then weak as I am,
maybe we all need to bleed more.
Track Name: Chemical Mist
We devise,
we invent our bliss,
our suicide,
never regret this.

to compromise,
we all slit our wrists.

All so synthesised,
and monetised,
this chemical mist.

I believe,
there's got to be,
something bigger,
something greater,
something better than this.

But all I've heard,
around the world,
poison flowing,
from the hearts of men.

Wonder why,
we do this,
this synthetic twist,
this chemical mist.
Track Name: Perforator
Hide those marks,
hide those needles,
stitch those scars,
my little perforator.

Track mark arms,
back alley dealings,
liquid charms,
my little perforator.

Paid in cash,
don't take credit,
body crash,
my little perforator.

Find your vein,
chemical toy,
rot your brain,
my little perforator.

You'll buy it,
wanna try it,
buy the needle,
sterilise it.

Vein candy,
all you can pay,
Track Name: Phobia Tank
Bright lights, watching you.
camera on the corner.
analyse, dissecting you.
what's a man to do?

In the phobia tank, in the phobia tank,
what is left, what is right?

In the phobia tank, in the phobia tank,
on the page in black and white.

Doctor doctor, what's wrong with you?
referring me to a coroner,
I'm not dead, that much is true.
it's a fatal disorder.
Track Name: Carving Tonight
My friend's got the deepest kiss,
down your leg, or up your wrist,
sterilised, cauterised,
and razor sharp, to bring you bliss.

Let's go carving tonight, little girl.
Let's go carving tonight, little boy.
Let's go carving tonight, little girl.
Let's go carving tonight, little boy.

Cut me, a generation bleeds,
a people looking for release,
liars, and cheaters, and whores and thieves,
blood money paid, for a blade to heat.

Never hurts to bleed,
if that's what you need,
don't ask don't tell,
it's only skin deep.
Track Name: A Book To Blame
Did you whisper secrets in the pulpit with the priest?
Sell your soul for nothing just to get some sweet relief?
After all it's all the same the world will never change,
people are all looking for a book that they can blame.
Track Name: Child Of The Machine
Cached in RAM, spit out the drive,
flesh machine with a mind inside,
upgrade the drivers, spin the brain,
crash the system, start again.

Illusion spilled on an LCD,
fibre-optics set me free,
born onto a circuit board,
power up and hear the engine roar.

Child of the machine can't you see through the screen?

Flip the switch let the power flow,
all hooked up no place to go,
jack it in, crank the audio.
Kraftwerk playing on the radio.

Data stream running through your head,
from the day you're born 'til the day you're dead,
let's party paint the desktop red,
no time to eat no time to go to bed.
Track Name: Destiny Calls
The land of empty promises,
a shadow over all,
we were told the stars were heaven,
everyone was wrong.

There's a smile in the clouds,
but it's not the second coming,
acid rain, drown us all.

There's a jester in the streets,
he doesn't know where he's running,
but the cleansing downpour will steal his soul.

Maybe we deserve redemption,
sleeping in our hallowed halls,
so fall to your knees,
when your destiny calls.

I refuse to be your saviour,
I would never be that cruel,
with the worst will in the world,
I'd never save all of you.

Salvation has a price,
it can't he traded, bought or sold,
and the truth is not forgiving,
worth it's own weight in gold.

So come take my arm
and we'll walk down the street,
and we'll laugh at their charms,
as people die on their feet.

And it's not that I'm evil,
no sympathy at all,
but it's not in my stars,
when destiny calls.

Once there was prophecy,
written in blood on stone,
that when the world is done with daylight,
monsters come home.
and I would stand beside them, I know well what I am,
daemonicus anima humana corpori.
Track Name: Repletus Despero
Memory you can't defeat,
the war you fought out on the street,
a poor boy born so incomplete,
but you fought back.

A nail in your mothers heart,
for those of us soon to depart,
the path is clear, though insincere,
repletus despero.

So cry your eyes out,
noone can see,
the weight you carry,
is yours alone.

Forget to smile forget to laugh,
a broken dream of shattered glass,
cut so deep that you can't feel,
the tearing as it goes.

A body cold and twisted up,
a note confides the human heart,
we'll never see what you could be,
you'll be six feet below.

Mother Mary carry him,
wherever we all go.
the devil has no claim today,
I pray they'll never know.
Track Name: Push And Shove
Push and shove and have some fun yeah,
looking out for number one,
I'll call you names that echo back,
but you'll be home before the crack of dawn.

Move, if you've got it,
all the world is your dance floor,
I can see you burning bright.
If you've got it,
all the world is your dance floor,
I can see you burning.
Track Name: So Sweet
The lights go down all over the world or,
just in your head as you close your eyes,
as arms wrap around you to sail you to bed,
like ships in a harbour sleeping tonight.

So sweet, so kind,
so calm, so afraid.
rest your head on a pillow tonight.

So sweet, so kind,
so calm, so afraid.
Let the pain ease away with the light.

Dancing and pleasure can die with the day,
I've no more time for that revelry,
I want to sleep like the dead in the grave,
with your body warm beside me.

I feel so calm, so tired,
I ache for a kiss goodnight.

I feel so tense, I feel so fragile,
whisper to me and I'll know I'm alright.

Chaos and madness, and things that you fear,
all the nightmares that shatter your calm,
I'll chase every ghost from your head,
put yourself in my bed for your pleasure tonight.

Bitter-sweet symphony, the noises you make,
so dishevelled but perfect to me,
I don't care what the world might say,
you're beautiful through your agony.
Track Name: My Victory
I hope you know that I recall,
every word you said to me,
I hope you know I died that day,
imagine what it did to me.

In weaker days I might have cried,
but imagine my surprise,
the love you like to say you've got,
I'll be here to laugh when it starts to rot.

My victory, you set me free,
breaking my heart, kindest thing you've ever done.

Decadent and beautiful,
idle hands, the devils toys,
watching as an angel falls,
twitching on a dirty floor.

Kiss me once and cut me twice,
remember that it felt so nice,
rip the lust right out of me,
I was your toy baby, lady, kissing a witch.
Track Name: My Lie
Feeling unromantic,
itching for a drink,
4 inches of bliss,
hanging from my lips,
breathing in the smoke like a poisonous kiss.

Once more, into the breech my old friend,
I care, but enough to say,
don't speak, this conversation's over,
my lie, I choose the one that I want.

I can see the way that you're staring,
do I seem strange to you?
Am I really that corrupted?
I'm so glad I'm not like you.

Don't ask me to stroke your ego,
not here to humour you,
maybe it's a bit cerebral,
I've got no more time for you.

Turn away, I don't want to see you,
I only came to drink.
what makes you think I give a damn?
you make it hard to think.

Yeah, your perfume might be pretty,
I can't smell it through the smoke,
choking out inside the city,
one more industrial joke.
Track Name: Play It Loud
Kick start your stereo,
wind me up and let me go,
tell me something I don't know,
come on baby play it loud.

Transmit through radio,
a pirate station you control,
transmitter up, encoder go,
come on baby, play it loud.

Don't sell your soul for cash,
another system crash,
and hear the hard drive thrashing,
you around.

Transmit through mp3,
remix the best of me,
convert to binary,
and play it loud.

Kick start your stereo,
wind me up and let me go,
tell me something I don't know,
come on baby play it loud.

Transmit through radio,
a pirate station you control,
transmitter up, encoder go,
come on baby, play it loud.

DJ's got your heart tonight,
160 baud delight,
to give the bass some height,
and rock the vox.

A tale of piracy,
making the music free,
won't give their cash to me,
but I don't mind.
no I don't mind.

Pirate, pirate, party, party
body, body, move it, move it.
easy to say,
but so much harder to do it.

Pirate, pirate, party, party
body, body, move it, move it.
drop kick the stream,
put your back into it.
Track Name: Whisper On The Wind
Twisted symphony,
unorchestrated melody,
whispers on the wind,
in the skies overhead.

The rain would fall,
to wash away the tears,
but a silent witness,
records them all.

CCTV in the chapel, in the morgue,
watches us rot, our bodies and our souls.
and there's no remedy to the plastic in the stream,
water rich with chemicals, medication for all.

Kiss the reaper little girl,
better late than dead,
as god himself remembers,
all the words left unsaid.

Maybe knowledge left the garden,
and planted a seed,
as the sin becomes so toxic,
it's harder to breathe.

We're all addicted to the promise on the screen,
harbouring a voice that doesn't whimper, doesn't scream,
the evidence is there, when we see that it's wrong,
you keep your little head down and keep walking along.

Well I won't be lost, won't be ignored,
when they're nailing down my coffin I'll be banging the boards,
this little voice that I hear on the wind,
this fracture in my skull won't let me give in.

When the fires start burning will you run from the light?
steal away in shadow and hide from the fight?
or are you like me, a little sick of it all?
take a hammer to the tower, let the ivory fall.