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released September 26, 2015




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Track Name: Netrunner
Take a back seat ride the bus,
high voltage dangerous,
as you are or as you aren't,
Neuromancer electric heart.

I'm a cold soul renegade,
running the masquerade,
high-tech with no respect,
disconnect your intellect.

Inside your little head,
no tears, I'm never dead,
introspective disconnected,
find a hole and code inject it.

My tools are custom made,
hardcoded hand grenade,
engineer with rusted gear,
hide your face and exploit the fear.

Netrunner, run the net.

Green cards don't work for me,
high-end machinery,
low spec, reject,
this target's getting wrecked.

Some people never learn,
drive spin and data burn,
blacklist? my fist,
blow the lights out make a wish.

Hit the keys right through the desk,
my worst still beats your best,
datajacker, sytemcracker,
dressed in black like a movie hacker.

I don't wanna make a fuss,
the police won't make the bust,
my trails always cold,
their database is getting rolled.

Hey superman, I'm your kryptonite,
I sleep all day, so I can work all night.
I'm here to find this, technical oversight,
no right and wrong, no black and white.

So in the end, what's left to do?
unplug and hide, I'll still get you.
I'm in the wire, I'm in the air,
so scan your system, I was never there.
Track Name: Alpha and Forever
Make me better, make me stronger,
hold my breath, 'til I go under.
I was born biological,
inside I'm mechanical.

Feel the days, slipping away,
another chance, I wanted to stay,
mechanical, artificial chimera,
I'll be alpha and forever.

Aching bones, and open wounds,
RIP, an open tomb,
I was never buried there,
just my body, the trade is fair.
Track Name: Left Eye Blind
This is my malfunction. (ok)
This is my malfunction. (body shock and mind decay)
This is my malfunction. (ok)
This is my. (left eye blind)

All stitched up no place to go,
counterculture my ego,
one more breath towards my death,
I came to crash your stereo.

Subversive sentient.
Malignant malcontent.
My rapport and rhetoric,
make me a Trojan horse.
Track Name: Biomachinery
Hey, open up my skin,
let me bleed out all my sin.
Flesh makes the world go round,
until they put you underground.

I don't want to play that game,
and no headstone will take my name.
I'd rather be a metal shell,
life is hard, but death is hell.

Fix me, I'll be here forever,
we'll chase this together,
this digital tether,

Stitched, as my skin turns to leather,
but steel's much better,
I feel no pain,
Track Name: Revved
revved up and ready to go.

Yeah we bring the fire, bring the noise.
Electronic world for all the girls and the boys,
pretty little pictures that you see in your head,
a digital anomaly, the beast must be fed.

Yeah you sold your sold like a heretic,
body on the floor, you don't care anymore,
we can rule the world with our digital dream,
it's noisy and it's pure and it fractures the screen.

Petty politicians only sell out the poor,
we'll repair and we'll upgrade, we're preparing for war.
can't you see, can't you dream, are you a broken machine?
Let's blow this revolution and forget where we've been.
Track Name: Critical Reaction
This critical reaction.
Your mind is bleeding.
This critical reaction.
Can't help the feeling.
This critical reaction.
Your mind is bleeding.
This critical reaction.
You need more surgery.

Show some skin, make my heart beat,
automate my bleeding edge,
put me in a new machine, so I can live again.
Track Name: Beautiful Future
Are you ashamed to be afraid?
Empty headed profiteers, no profit to be made.
Selling silence, and selling the lie,
we dream the dream of money and we wake up to cry.

I deny all I have been, it's over now and I have seen,
a beautiful future, no profit to be made.

Would you submit to buy a name?
Another corporation selling beautiful chains,
in the end, we're buying this war,
we dream the dream of freedom but money is law.
Track Name: TV Screens
Microscopic, misanthropic, propagate redundancy.
we're going extinct as fast as you blink.
the metal is in motion, it requires this devotion.
true to the cause, the people are not yours.

We defy all that you think, we biocustomise in sync.
We're getting more strange, day by day.
as the crescendo comes to head, are we alive or are we dead.
Another pretty machine, the fantasy you can be.

Do you dream on TV screens? Emotional, as your heart bleeds.
Do you see what we could be? The machines can come together.

We analyze reality, through our denials and tragedies,
we're flawed and we are broken, in need of repair.
And we upgrade through our crusade, no pain within our grand parade,
We push the button, to turn on the lights.

It scatters rats and frightens bats, carrion harvesters caught by cats.
we see in the dark, to banish the night.
When myth becomes reality, there's no truth here for you or me,
this will not do, I'll defy 'til the end.
Track Name: Fire in the Ice
Here we are where the winds won't blow,
I find a way back into your radio,
that radiation brings a tear to my eye,
still got one left to watch all of our dreams die.

Cold as ice, a love made of glass,
tempered with age and all that's come to pass.
I'm impassioned by the breeze on my neck,
there's fire in the ice, that the mirror reflects.

Feel the cold inside you, even on the brightest day,
fingers wrap around you, icy shards to pierce your soul.
Blood is in the water, fear can always find you,
close your eyes to lose control, this death becomes you.

No more blood for treason.
Hold fast and steel your soul.
Summertime, the darkest season.
I feel your skin turn cold.

If you die, do you die for me?
A testimony to your apathy.
When it's over do you feel colder,
or are you lying to yourself?
Track Name: Dreaming
Tell me if I am dreaming.
Feels like I'm awake.
There's always time for sleeping.
It must be your mistake.

Turn the clock back,
turn the clock back,
turn the clock back,
set it right.

Take your pills and,
take your pills and,
take your pills and,
say goodnight.

Kiss the needle,
kiss the needle,
kiss the needle,
quiet time.

Zip me up and,
zip me up and,
zip me up and,
make it tight.

If I die, would this all follow me?
The broken parts you see,
why can't you save me from myself?
Track Name: Lost Mechanical
I don't feel at home, let my spirit roam,
my electric soul, lost mechanical.

I'm trapped in my skin, I didn't choose,
I'm locked in, only I can let me loose.
Track Name: Doubletime
This pretty, pretty, pretty pain machine now,
I'm a slave I'm a slave to this.
Bite me, scratch me, kiss me deeper.
Wanna play, wanna play, devilish.

Gimme that hard body shock,
power line right down my spine,
make me a martyr, make me harder.
Make my heart beat double-time.

Wanna play, wanna play, devilish.
Wanna play, wanna play, devilish.
Make my heart beat double-time.
Make my heart beat double-time.

I'm not fragile, I'm not glass,
grab my hips and ride my-
I'm not precious, I'm out of control,
pin me down, and fill my-
Track Name: Dynamite
Back on track, watch your eyes roll back,
stare into your skull to find a crack.
It's the burn inside, gonna take you for a ride,
these xenon lights are like dynamite.

We're all gonna die, so what you gonna do?
Paint the town red when you're painted black and blue.
'Cause we're all freaks here and we're bleeding on the floor,
we're taking too much and we're begging for more..

Fire down range like you think that you're able,
I see you take a shot and I'm here to watch the show.
You drink and you take, little lines on the table,
act too fast and talk too slow.

And I'm so twisted, I'm the freak,
crack the mirror when my right eye blinks,
time to go, you think you know,
another performer at the freak show.

Another performer, another performer, another performer at the freak show.

Never been as pretty as the lies that I can tell,
but I'll tell you again and again.
I gave it all up, got my mind unstuck,
and I'm quitting again and again.

We're all gonna die, lemme tell you what to do,
hit it even harder, I'll go harder than you.
I'm the motormouth with a drink in my hand,
I lean to the bar, don't think I can stand.

But I'll still throw a punch, bet your money that I'll miss,
I may be tough but no one's tougher than this.
Take 12 steps back, if you don't know jack,
make out with a bottle with an ethanol kiss.

And I'm so twisted, I'm the freak,
crack the mirror when my right eye blinks,
but you're the pusher, looking for prey,
don't tell me that I'm fine, I've been drunk all day.
Track Name: Candles for my Circuit
We've got to be, to fight,
to breathe, to fight.
We've got to see, to fight.
We've got to bleed to rebel.

I hear machines working,
generate this generation,
I feel my skin crawling,
candles for my circuit.

We bring it down,
we bring it down,
we bring it down, down, down.

It's got to be, it's got to be,
it's got to be, that automated evolution.
Track Name: Spiderweb
I see the lines that you make in the sand,
burn it down into silicon,
I see the spark running through your transistor,
this little sister whispers secrets to me.

In the end, there are voices in the darkness.
In the end, there is nothing here to fear.
In the end, there's a ghost within the carcass.
In the end, the spider turns the gear.

build the web
mister spider