Cyber Psychosis

by Patient Zero



Includes bonus "cypherpunk" PDF


released December 13, 2013




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Track Name: Waiting For The Cyberchrist
Cut me open fix my bones.
Devoid I am, I am evolved.
A prophet for technology.
upgrading my philosophy.

I need more ports to interface.
repeat my heartbeat in the bass.
shut me down I'll never die.
we're waiting for the cyberchrist.
Track Name: Hightech Lowlife
high tech,
low life,
we're here,
we are the cyberpunks.
Track Name: The 1's
we are the ones with our fingers on the pulse,
we are the ones that run the network,
we are the ones who do what you don't want,
we are the ones who do the wet work.

we are the ones making pretty little viruses,
we are the ones who set data free,
we are the ones with screens burnt in irises,
we commit the crime of curiosity.
Track Name: Urban Medic
A shot rang out and you fell down,
twitching on the ground again,
making little circles in the mud, in the mud.

Red and blue came the lights,
adrenaline surging,
cops and robbers I'm the medic on call, on call.

Spirits anaesthetise,
stitched up and sterilised,
scalpels and needles,
I'm an urban medic.

A bag full of tricks,
hanging from my hips,
whiskey bottle in a first aid kit.

Got a pocket full of pills,
to satisfy your ills,
no good for your brain,
but at least it stops the pain.

Suffering is contagious,
I know it's outrageous,
I don't want you to hurt,
I don't want you to hurt.

I've got the skills to cure you,
if I don't destroy you,
I'm not a priest, but I'll be your salvation.
Track Name: Black Shakes
(We got those)
We got the black shakes.
(Unplug us)
Unplug and disconnect.
Track Name: Mind Virus
I feel cold in the rack,
I'm alone in the code,
all the lights blinking black,
I'm a name you don't know.

I'm 13 37,
the techno elite,
I only see petty users,
walking the street.

Cure my mind virus,
fix my disconnect.
cure my mind virus,
future imperfect.

We're so disaffected,
by this technology,
we're all so rejected,
by society.

A machine cannot cry,
you can't program love,
and when we look to the sky,
we see the network above.

We're alone in this world,
and nothing tells us otherwise,
we're alone without this connection.

In an interconnected world,
with interconnectivity,
a disassociated world,
you've got no security.

Anyone can be, anyone can be,
anyone is me, anyone is free,
the truth is locked up inside,
I pray that server will provide.
Track Name: Your Body
They want your body.
They want your body.
They want your body.
They want your body.

So sell your soul,
sell your face,
sell your dreams.

So sell your pride,
sell your place,
sell all that you are.

So sell your name,
sell your love,
sell your time.

Sell everything you've got,
for a brand new lie.

And smile.
Track Name: Zipperhead [IBM]
Did you think you were a genius?
Atheistic tendencies.
Did think you could be famous?
A soft target, nothing to say.

Did you break your back on the net?
Digging up science to counter the faith.
Write it down, don't forget to forget.
Science isn't pretty when you dirty it's name.

Zipperhead, you're a zipperhead.
Zipperhead, you're just a zipperhead.
Zipperhead, you're a zipperhead.
Zipperhead, you're just a zipperhead.

If you think this is ironic you don't know your place,
seems like such a shame to me your brain's going to waste.
You say you want the truth with your bigoted deceit,
you're really not that smart you just want people at your feet.

Protesting, biotruth, colorblind, heteronormative.
Marching down on capital hill with a sign in your hand and a pocket full of bills.
Track Name: 1&&1
All is silence as we collide.
All is violence in this divide.
But we decided, what we could be,
we invented this, our destiny.

One and one, back to back,
coming like a heart attack,
lighting shooting through your soul,
mechanically we will evolve.
Track Name: Manipulator
Manipulator. (Manipulator)
Annihilate me. (Annihilate me)