by Patient Zero



released April 30, 2015




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Track Name: Culture Shock
I could play the son,
an easy lie for everyone,
but pretty is as pretty does,
it's only fashion.

Yeah, I could play the son,
an easy lie for everyone,
but pretty is as pretty does,
it's only fashion now.

and who am I to say,
I understand but hide away,
knowing who and what I am,
I protest; I'm not a man.

flesh and bone will lie to you,
much as you might claim it's true,
I decide on my id,
I'm not you, I am me.

round and round we all fall down,
raise a flag or raise a sound,
going deeper underground,
culture shock, hear me now.

Said I could play the son,
and raise a glass with everyone,
an easy lie you'd never see,
drop the act and I'll be free.

cautiously it's walled away,
hidden from the light of day,
a game that you're too scared to play,
we've got to find a better way.

maybe it's just all too human,
wrapped up in my illusion,
who am I supposed to be?
this mask I wear just isn't me.

skin too tight to even breathe,
cut the noose to get relief,
tear away at this construct,
experiments we can conduct.
Track Name: Parasite War
flesh and bone does not define me.
flesh and bone and mind control.
I can feel the pressure rising.
to put me in a box, and bury me.

call me disease, shout at me, call me a parasite,
maybe that's a call for war,
a thousand pretty bodies buried over night,
none of them asked for a cure.
Track Name: Mechanik
we are mechanics.
we are machines.
we are mechanics.
we are mechanics.

built with precision.
we are obscene.
you are not listening.
we are mechanics.

beauty fades as time goes by.
ages pass in the blink of an eye.
we are the option, to free the culture,
mankind ascending to rust.

we are a pulse, we're a message to god,
the one creator who defined who we are,
we are rejecting, we are perfecting,
we are evolving, we are mechanics.
Track Name: Fear in Nothing
I put my life on the line,
I put my beat on the record you play,
I put my lies on ice.
I put my fear in nothing, nothing at all.

Maybe I'm the system.
Another meat machine.
Maybe I'm a symptom.
Of a new disease.

long may my body rust,
I feel the corpse inside me,
where do I place my trust?
Only in technology.

cables and circuit boards,
my pulse ringing in discord,
am I still an animal?
or am I in control?

distort me, condemn my words,
classify me and call me cursed,
I'm the problem and you're the cure,
put a needle in my arm, tell me it doesn't hurt.

you liar, false messiah,
you fear what you don't understand,
you break me, mistake me,
I am me I am not my body.
Track Name: Isolation
watch the flowers as they wither in the sun,
watch the sun as it withers in the sky,
in the vacuum, there's no chance for safety,
all alone, mankind will die.

I'd be the one,
still standing strong,
in isolation.

tick the time, it's nothing, still nothing,
tick a box for the gender you're assigned,
ticks and mites that would crawl on your skin,
bugs and glitches that I feel inside.
Track Name: In the Rain
a dark flash, the nights are cold,
human wreckage, stories untold,
lightning flash, like a knife in the dark,
let the heavens fall.

neon colours reflect on the ground,
wash away the pain,
leather shimmers, we're silicon knights,
out here in the rain.

as the stories tell,
of how heaven fell,
from our technology one day.

as the stories say,
heaven went away,
from our technology, now.
Track Name: Blank is Beautiful
throw your life away,
time to start again,
got to let it go,
blank is beautiful.

names are words and words mean things,
we trade them with a diamond ring,
but all these vows don't mean a thing,
just call me mister blank.

put your name down on the list,
that we pretend does not exist,
hide your money in the bank,
my signature is blank.

nobody knows you, nobody cares,
nobody sees you, nobody's there.
nobody cries on the day that you die,
'cause nobody knows you're alive.

no yesterday, no bills to pay,
no cash, no car, no debt today.
no criminal record or APB,
they're looking for someone,
but that's not me.

Invisible, that's how I hide,
no seatbelt on this thrill ride,
no safety net, no each-way bet,
off button installed on the TV set.

When it all goes wrong,
and ends in despair,
I won't care 'cause I'm not there.
bury me with a blank headstone,
'cause blank is beautiful.
Track Name: Devil in the Dark
I'm a devil in the dark, I'm a clarion call,
I'm a sweet sensation at the masquerade ball.
I'm a stranger in the dark, kissing down your neck,
I'm the biggest mistake that you'll never regret.

Turn those cheeks, kiss and tell,
drinking deep from a wishing well,
a fantasy of ecstasy,
inside you or inside me.

I understand desire and I understand your pride,
I understand society will teach us all to hide,
you say that I'm mistaken about what you feel inside,
but the devils in the detail and the truth is in your eyes.

bodies twitch, bodies bare,
fingers writhing god knows where,
don't be ashamed of your own delight,
no need to hide if it feels right.

say you want it, I do too,
what you do for me I'll do double for you,
tender touching games we play,
we're Sodom and Gomorrah on their final day.

I know what're you're after, I taste it on your lips,
I know you want this faster, I see you shake your hips,
I know what you're hiding, I see it in your eyes,
I know it's exciting, fingers running up your thighs.
Track Name: La Petit Mort
Dance the dance macabre,
in the back seat of the car,
with the radio on,
'til you get where you're going.

blue movie, red light,
sin is in for our delight,
wrapped up in a bow,
never slow down.

I could be your fantasy,
I'm everything you want to be,
in leather and lace,
between these sheets.

I could be your fantasy,
so close your eyes and dance with me,
burying our bodies,
for this little death.

If you've got it, move it,
if you want to do it,
make love not war,
la Petit Mort.

Everybody in the room tonight (get down)
everybody wanna feel alright (get down)
get down, get down, get down,
la Petit Mort

if you've got it (move it)
if you want it (do it)
make love (not war)
la Petit Mort
Track Name: Overdose
chaos, make the signal fast,
deus ex, we're going home at last.
bodies broken, mind in a box,
bleed me dry of every single drop.

kiss me my catastrophe,
you fall apart so beautifully,
twisting and turning, this can never last.

give me bitter blasphemy,
and love me for the worst of me,
black to the core, we're living too fast.

princess, you say to me,
you play the king and I'll be the queen,
words in play I've never said before,
if we go home alone, then what's it all for?

There's poison in her soul.
There's poison in her veins.
There's poison in her soul.
Give me that overdose.
Track Name: Empty Halls
rattle your bones.
rattle your cell.
move your system.
here comes the poison.

all you are,
another noise,
tripping off,
your culture toys.

you ache to be,
you scratch the walls,
you're just a ghost,
in empty halls.
Track Name: At Peace
all I needed was somebody who could understand me,
all you gave me was a lie about your own tragedy.
Deception came, with a veil but with no wedding day,
took my best and left the rest and then you threw me away.

another day, another night, sitting in candle light,
fingers crossed when all is lost that I can still win the fight.
took my heart, you took my mind but you still can't touch my pride,
I'm still standing single-handed, on the blade of a knife.

Alive or dead, my brain is fed,
occultists words are in my head,
for all you broke and all you cracked,
the mind I had is coming back.

Standing tall after the fall,
the boat that sank and took on water,
Alice through the looking glass,
I'm at peace with my disorder.

Drop the genius, time keeps ticking away.
Track Name: System Crash
I'll be a sinner,
I'll be a sinner baby,
I'll be a sinner,
(kick that)
system crash.

I'll be a sinner,
I'll be a sinner baby,
I'll be a sinner,
system crash.

system crash.
heart attack.

hail to god in a microchip,
eye on the iron on an officers hip.
we are the thieves, we are the saints,
the devils, the rebels and the kids in restraints.

curious as it seems to me,
eye on the prize of the American dream,
capitalist with a freedom twist,
the eternally young, dumb optimist.

sell your soul for self-control,
take your drugs, you're on parole,
two wide eyes both covered in glass,
got a mind of Marx but it's withering fast.

dollar bills giving paper cuts,
try the steal anything we've got,
blind our eyes so we don't see,
the politics that aren't on TV.

fall into a needle or a bottle of pills,
try to stop the hurt but can't pay the bills,
you treat the symptoms not the cause,
the rich won't pay to save the poor.

money isn't easy, no money's a lie,
we buy and we sell and we buy and we die,
and it sits in a bank, hidden away,
we pray for cash, but I'd rather say;
Track Name: Honor Among Thieves
chasing credits, hang the rules,
you're the king and it's time to rule.
mirror shades, hot CPU,
it's time to run through this deja-vu.

jack it in for a dial tone,
localhost, there's no place like home,
your handles got a cash reward,
there's blood on your circuit board.

you break all our rules,
don't doubt we'll find you,
two men enter, one man leaves,
we're the honor among the thieves.

black as pitch when the lights go out,
you nocturnal social louse,
spinning disk I'm in your drive,
imagine what I'll find inside.

no sneakernet will keep you safe,
we'll put you in your place,
it's a fact, not just a threat,
get your ass off my net.
Track Name: Mother Mary
Mother Mary looked to me,
gave me the light so I could see,
what a wretch I had become,
there's fire inside me.

and if your god gives you delight,
I pray that you will hold him tight,
but I sold my soul to an overdose.

I'm a mercenary, nothing here for me,
give me what I want and let me wither inside.
no light will come for me, never said I was sorry,
unrepenting, unrelenting, I want to die with a smile.

we're blasphemers and witches,
we slice open our stitches,
to let us bleed out in our dirty world.

time keeps tick tick ticking,
needle stick stick sticking,
on the vinyl on the table as we get in the groove.
Track Name: Metamorphosis
if you're an angel, what becomes of me?
burning torment in your blasphemy.
metamorphosis, you have changed into something terrible and something strange.

I only knew I loved you, back when I knew who you were,
before you changed your face, before you changed the score.
maybe you were my salvation, maybe my safety net,
now just a creeping dread, my idol of regret.