Metal Sister

from by Patient Zero



some days are hollow, and some are just black,
once you've felt the cut, there's no going back.
I feel the pain when I feel at all,
I'll pay the price, and I'll take the fall.

there's still a riot if there's blood in my veins.
there's too much meat in my metal today.
I got two eyes, I got one that can see.
there's too much you, and not enough me.

metal sister,
you can't change my mind,
metal sister,
metal sister.

metal sister,
fit to bleed me dry,
metal sister,
metal sister.

I'm not your boy, but I'm sure not your girl,
good in a dress, but bad for the world.
remix my symphony, cut out every part of me,
maybe I'm the victim, I am the fly.


from Host System, released November 15, 2016




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